# 2021-10-08 / 15:33:21 @

Well, yes. I am updating at but no longer here. I update at least once a week, catch me there! ☺️

# 2021-09-26 / 10:24:29 @

Re: Blue’s pagination request

The way this was envisioned and created was to have one file you can copy, or move to any web server to share your thoughts. Unless I am wrong, it is not meant to be paginated. It is also not meant for huge paragraphs, it short bursts of thinking. Of course usage varies per user.

# 2021-09-25 / 20:21:54 @

I sure can’t maintain this and my own. I will probably going to let this one go. 😔

# 2021-09-24 / 07:06:51 @

Re: Blue

In case you don't notice, when you click on a thought date/timestamp link, the background of said thought changes to a darker blue.

# 2021-09-24 / 07:05:34 @

Re: Blue

Much better now. This is how it shows on desktop:

# 2021-09-23 / 11:05:57 @

For the love of all that's dear! Blue, from, if you ever read this, please change your ":target" colours. They are truly blinding. 😬

# 2021-09-23 / 08:20:42 @

Now you can send me an email on a given note.

# 2021-09-22 / 22:04:38 @

The original script on which this is based spots out some warning if percentage (%) is found. This one here runs python(?), so let’s see.

# 2021-09-22 / 07:50:18 @

In reply to Blue:

Your choice of colours is hard to read too, specially the choices you have made for target: a very light background, with yellowish text colour? It burns my eyes. 😢

# 2021-09-21 / 19:45:00 @

Forgot to add a smilie to my previous entry. It is also a tinfoil hat. 😅

# 2021-09-21 / 19:42:01 @

"I'd be interested to see how many people read my thoughts, and to see how many of those people who read my thoughts have a of their own. If you are reading this and have your own, I would like to hear what internal forces pushed you towards adopting the theme you use."

The above from Yet, there is no way to let the OP know. Gotta grab my tinfoil!

# 2021-09-19 / 21:06:53 @

I have emailed the boss around here to add my own notes (thoughts in here) to the webring.

# 2021-09-19 / 00:57:00 @

Playing with it elsewhere as well:

# 2021-09-18 / 22:08:01 @

The textarea need better styling, for both mobile and desktop.

# 2021-09-18 / 16:36:37 @

I am trying this to see how I like it. If I do, I will most likely have to pay because I make $41,000 and some change... before taxes.